How to Buy a Room Heater

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As winters are approaching there is no best time than now to select room heaters as per your needs and requirements. Apart from the pricing and the effectiveness, there are few other points that you must bear in mind before selecting the best room heater for yourself.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Room Heater


When buying the room heater for your office or home there are few points that one must bear in mind.

Choosing the right size for your room

When looking for the best room heater for yourself it’s important to select the right size and space you’re heating. As per the research, you’ll need around 10 W to 15 W of power which is based on how well insulated the room is and weather windows or door. So, a 100 sq foot bedroom, for example, is good enough.

Extra safety controls

Always look for a heat sensor that shuts down the heater as and when it becomes hot which can be dangerous. There is a tip-over switch, which turns off the heater and is a great feature that you’ll find on some products.


The portability is another factor to keep in mind before buying into best room heater. If the heater is too easy to lift or too heavy to lift then it should have inbuilt wheels so that it is easy to move it from room to room. And, if it is small and light to carry then a handle should be there to carry it effectively.

Heat settings and timers

A heater should be capable to control the amount of heat it’s emitting with a thermostat. A timer can turn on or shut off at a set time which is also a nice feature to look into.

Low noise

A low noise is always preferred over blasting one and so it’s better to go with a hardware that makes low to no noise.

The hardware you pick should be as quiet as possible. No one wants to listen to a heater blasting away while they watch a movie or try to sleep.


If you plan on to buy a fan-forced heater having options to oscillate the device from side to side the heater to spread its heat to range to a larger area than a stationary fan can manage.

Cord Storage

 Space heaters should be hassle-free easy to store when you don’t require them. Most of them have built-in cord-management systems.

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