Best Tips for Choosing a Washing Machine

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1. Do you require a washer or washer dryer? Washer dryers save space and cost less than purchasing two machines, but they have a tendency to go wrong more often and you clearly can not clean and clean at exactly the same time when you have just one machine. In case you’ve got the space, we’d thoroughly recommend purchasing a separate washer and dryer. They are far more reliable.

2. Size matters. If you’re single, or a few, or have very clean children, you may be better off selecting a washing machine with a smaller capacity, say around 6kg. But in case you have a larger family, select a machine with a large capacity, perhaps around 10kg. This will help save you money and time, with fewer washes needed. Make sure your machine supplies a half-load alternative for maximum flexibility.

3. The spin speed of washing machines fluctuates considerably. By choosing a rate of at least 1400 rpm you’ll discover that your clothes come out dryer, meaning less time hanging up to dry or at the toaster. By spending less time at the tumble drier, you can save yourself a large amount of money. For example, if you spin at 1400 rpm you will use 20 percent less energy to tumble dry the load compared to if you spin at 1000 rpm. That’s a saving of between 5p and 10p per load in drying costs, which should more than pay for itself within the lifetime over the machine. But recall that the faster the spin speed, the noisier the washing machine will be, and the more quickly the machine will have a tendency to wear out. If you are buying a cheap machine, it is probably best to opt for a minimal spin speed

4. You’ll also save costs by deciding on a machine with a higher efficiency rating, but this usually has to be balanced against the higher purchase cost. Machines are graded from A to G, with A being the most effective. An A quality machine uses about half the power of a G lift machine. Most contemporary washing machines are graded A or B, so in practice you shouldn’t let the efficiency rating influence your choice. It is far better for the environment to buy a machine that will last longer before it needs replacing.

5. Some machines offer you a greater choice of programmes. This could allow you to make your clothes last longer by choosing an appropriate wash for delicate fabrics, and may save you money by washing different clothes at distinct temperatures. But if you’re single you may find that you wind up washing everything on half-load, or saving your clothes up until you have sufficient. This is possibly a feature that will be of more advantage to larger families.

6. Colour. The times when most machines have been white are long gone. You can choose silver or stainless steel or black or something even more exotic. Express your character!

7. Some washing machines include electronic screens that tell you all kinds of information regarding the current wash, for example complete wash time, time remaining, etc.. If you’re a guy, you’ll want this feature, obviously. But how many men actually do their own laundry? Or are we being sexist?

8. Top loading washing machines are relatively rare in the UK, but more common in the States. Top loaders generally have higher capacity. Consider whether or not a top loader may work on your residence.

9. Pick the right brand. Some manufacturers have a fantastic reputation for reliability; others do not. Read washing machine reviews on the web to have a sense, but keep in mind that a lot of people write reviews just when their washing machine breaks! Good reviews of washing machines are difficult to find, so don’t assume that simply because a new has more bad reviews than good that it really is that bad. We would advocate Miele, Bosch and Zanussi. A lasting washing machine can last 20 years and is a smart investment.

10. Do not pay for features that you won’t utilize. And don’t assume that by buying a more expensive machine you’re getting better quality. Generally, all the machines made by a specific producer will share most components and will be built to the very same criteria. You won’t get a more lasting machine by buying a manufacturer’s top version. In fact, the top model will have lots more features to go wrong compared with the basic version. However, you may find a more lasting machine by buying a more expensive brand. But this isn’t a rule. See the preceding suggestion.

11. Shop around on the internet, obviously. Use price comparison websites to get the best deals. But select from a retailer which you trust. Sometimes you get what you pay for! By the way, that was eleven tips in total. This last suggestion was a reward for reading all the way towards the end of the article!



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